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Music Club El Mágico a El Burger Pub

El Mágico is an exclusive bar offering great drinks and holding exclusive parties, as well as an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals, including lunch combos. El Magico is located directly at the student halls of residence in Jižní Město.

Pizzerie Picerka

The pizzeria is located directly on the premises of the Blanice hall of residence, and offers pizza according to traditional Italian recipes using genuine Italian ingredients, with a diameter of 32 cm or 45 cm. In addition to pizza, the restaurant offers also pasta, salads, desserts and drinks.

Student Cafe & Snack

Student Cafe & Snack is located in entrance hall of Vltava hall of residence where you can relax in calm enviroment, buy coffee with pie, baguette or hot dog. Kind service works there and place is ideal for learning or you can just enjoy your day with friends.

Klub Blanice

The Blanice club consists of the Blanice restaurant, Plackárna Blanice and Music Club. The club is located directly under the Blanice hall of residence.

Menza Volha

The canteen is located directly in the Volha hall of residence.

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