Testing of residents in the dormitories in the area of Jižní Město

The external organization  ELECTROLYTE s.r.o.   will carry out testing for all residents at the VŠE dormitories based on an extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health, which is mandatory for all residents who do not have a valid vaccination certificate or a valid medical certificate about completed illness Covid-19.

Testing will be performed in an ambulance parked in front of the Blanice dormitory on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 pm to 8 pm. The testing will be performed for the first time on Wednesday 24.11.2021.

The price of the antigen test, including the issuance of a certificate, is CZK 200. The certificate of testing will be sent immediately to the e-mail address of the accommodated. For persons up to the age of 18, persons who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons and for persons vaccinated with at least one dose, testing is paid for 5 times a month by the health insurance company.

Upon request, a PCR test can be performed, which costs CZK 750. The PCR test result will be sent within 24 hours.


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